Tile House

Project Status: Planning permission granted,  2008

We gained planning permission for a house on a narrow plot at the end of a long 2 storey terrace overlooking the railway tracks near Wimbledon station. One of the adjoining plots has already been developed and the other has planning permission for a new house. Our project aims to form a harmonious whole from what will become a terrace of 3 buildings. The use of a tall dormer window over the stair mediates between the scale differences of the neighbours and picks up on the rhythm of the bay windows of the terrace further south.

Externally the structure would be entirely clad with plain clay tiles, emphasising the simple form. The texture created by the lapping, cambered tiles would contrast with sharper finer elements like the gutters, rain water pipes and copings which will be made from copper.  The walls, floor, roof and stair would be built from solid timber panels of laminated softwood prefabricated off-site.  These would be revealed within the interiors, creating the feel of inhabiting a giant piece of joinery.