Brass uplighters

Bruton, somerset
completed: 2016
made by: graham bizley & castle welding


The dining room of the Bruton Narrow House has painted stone walls and a brick-vaulted ceiling from a previous industrial use of that part of the building.  The room receives borrows light from the living space on one side and a small glazed courtyard on the other but has no direct natural lighting.  We needed to provide dimmable lighting over the table that would also express the vaulted ceiling that gives the room its character.  

We designed four brass strip lights that hang beneath the vaults and shine light upwards, using the curved vaults as reflectors.  The rough brick surfaces diffuse and soften the light and the brass brings a sparkle to the room even when the lights are off.  We designed, assembled and fitted the lights ourselves, sourcing components and working closely with the metalworker to develop a fitting that achieves the design aims while being economical to manufacture. We love working with our clients to come up with unique solutions tailored to their needs.

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