The house fills the whole of a tiny derelict site at the end of a Victorian terrace in Islington and attempts to heal a scar in the urban fabric.  By sinking the ground floor 1m below street level and careful consideration of rights to light of its close neighbours we achieved permission for a highly individual 100 sq m house.  Built on a very low budget the house demonstrates how the qualities of simple materials can be raised into something more special through detailing and care in construction.

Internally the exposed brickwork is painted and softened by timber linings.  Each room has a distinct character determined by its form and the positioning of its windows.  The sequence of spaces is linked by an open staircase, a finely crafted element lined with cupboards and shelves that provides a place for storage and display.

The timber windows have deep reveals, built-in shutters and blinds allowing for privacy or engagement with life outside.  From the second storey office a huge corner window frames the Victorian houses opposite and provides a long view to the Green.  The large windows and small front garden are intended as contributions to the life of the street in the belief that offering something positive for passers-by might connect the house with its community.