In 2009 we won funding from the Technology Strategy Board to develop and implement carbon reduction measures to this house in Balham to make a low energy, high comfort home.  Owned by Family Mosaic Housing Association, the project demanded we refine the experience gained with the 80% House to find practical, repeatable and economical solutions applicable to a housing association. 
We acted as lead designer, main contractor and coordinator of all building services.

Our strategy was based on a fabric first approach, combining high levels of insulation and air tightness (1.2 ach @ 50 Pa) to reduce the heating demand by 90%.  The domestic hot water system uses a thermal store and a very compact distribution system to reduce energy waste to a minimum.  A two year monitoring regime is underway and indications show that energy use is very low and the internal air quality very high.  We developed an innovative gutter system for making an interface between external wall insulation and an existing roof, a product that is expected to become commercially available in 2014.