part of the 'off-cuts' series
PROTOTYPE completed: 2016
designed by Emily & graham bizley
Made by: Graham Bizley

The brief for this piece was to make a bench to sit on that could also be used as a low surface in a bedroom to put things on for display, such as books, blankets or a vase of flowers. Positioning the bench along the wall facing the bed hides the junction between the wall and the floor and raises the items on display to a similar level to someone sitting up in bed.

All the materials used were left over from construction of the Dundon Passivhaus.  The seat and legs are made from 145 x 38mm spruce held together with oak timber framing pegs and softwood dowels. All the joints are glued and no screws or nails were used.

It is called the small hours bench because of the short time it took to design and make. We had been discussing how to make it during the day and my wife Emily came up with the final design.  I started making it at 9pm and finished it four hours later at 1am, in time to use it in a photo shoot the next day. The prototype has a rustic feel, but a more refined result could be achieved by using better quality timber.