Patrick McEvoy Bench - Here Lies Geofrey Barkington


We're delighted that Patrick McEvoy who works in our London office is one of ten winners in a competition organised by the London Festival of Architecture to design a bench for a public space in the City of London.  This is his description:


Here Lies Geoffrey Barkington

Geoffrey's final resting place is in Jubilee Gardens, Houdsditch.  Houndsditch marks the route of a ditch that ran outside part of the London Wall, known for the disposal of waste, and especially deceased dogs. The Romans originally dug the ditch as a protective measure for London (then Londinium).  the ditch was eventually infilled and was subsequently recreated by the Danes under King Knut as a defensive barrier. 

The ditch became known as Houndsditch some time in the 13th Century.  In the 16th Century the authorities levelled the ditch to prevent people dumping rubbish in it.  Several dog skeletons were discovered here in 1989 during construction works.

Geoffrey’s gravestone was made with the help of Solid Geometry, Tarmac, Kilnbridge, University of Westminster and Prewett Bizley Architects.  Installed in partnership with the City of London Corporation and Cheapside Business Alliance.  All photos are by Agnese Sanvito.


Geoffrey was a Square Mile dog. He loved life in the city.


He always liked to look his best.


He was never afraid of a long day at the office.


And people, Geoffrey loved people.


Geoffrey was a good dog.

May he rest in peace.

Bench dimensions: 450 x 450 x 1500mm

Bench dimensions: 450 x 450 x 1500mm

Jubilee Gardens_13 © Agnese Sanvito.JPG